The Man In The Moon

Sir Patrick Moore was an enigma. I grew up captivated by his wackiness and enthusiasm and although in recent years his input on The Sky At Night had lessened at the same rate as he was sinking into that big armchair, there was still a passion for the subject and twinkle in that monocled eye.
We live in a bland age where meaningless celebrity has replaced celebrated talent and glorious characters. Valhala won’t know what the hells going on when Patrick turns up with a telescope under one arm and a xylophone under the other.

2 thoughts on “The Man In The Moon”

  1. Well said. An inspiration, of the right kind, for many and his true passion endured.Perhaps it is fitting he will not see the commercial exploitation planned for the future of the moon.That said, if anyone ever deserved to have their name immortalised on the surface of the moon it should only be the likes of Sir Patrick Moore.

  2. Spot on Pete.

    I watched the current Sky at Night last week and learned about Venus, the Moon and Mercury all being visible with the naked eye at dawn. I heard about his passing on R4 Today 1st thing in the morning so I walked outside and watched all three rise above the valley – how many people have knowingly watched a Mercury rise?

    Thanks Patrick.

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