The Local Fuzz

I can’t see this new look lasting, “white writing on black hurts your eyes” my arse, this amount of white makes me feel like I’ve been staked out under a midday sun with my eyes superglued open.
I wish I hadn’t said that, it’s making me feel queasy.

Anyway, that fine motif with the robot lady below is the newish LP from The Atomic Bitchwax, The Local Fuzz it’s called. It’s a vinyl album in length at 42 minutes and it’s just one track, and an instrumental at that.
Some music I listen to and it takes me somewhere, fires an emotional response, sparks a memory or has me playing air guitar outside a tent at 1000m on a winter’s night. This album has me closing my eyes and wishing hard that I could be in the room playing with them while they were recording.
It’s everything I love all at the one time, fuzz-toned old school riffs and licks that could have been from Sabbath, Budgie, Rush, Canned Heat, ELP or Ted Nugent. The playing is brilliant, the song meanders from one place to another always with a hook to hold you until the next one comes along. 
It has a groove, then a bounce then a swagger and time just flies by. I’ve found myself arriving at my destination in the hearse and waiting for the song to finish, for too long sometimes as well, folk start twitching their curtains at the shady man with a nodding head in the black motor.

I love when unexpected joy and inspiration lands out of the blue, this was from a distracted clicking of links from the familiar leading to the unfamiliar. Good to know there’s metal at the end of the random internet rainbow instead of just something with pop-ups wanting you play online poker or meet with rather scary looking “local” ladies.

6 thoughts on “The Local Fuzz”

  1. Not too sure about the white, espcially looking at other bits of the blog they now have black text on black backgrounds!

  2. I gave this a punt on your recommendation. Good stuff! Very old school style about it, reminds me of so many inspirational bands from my youth, guitars and hammond organs. I haven’t picked up a guitar in over 6 years now, but this had my fingers twitching.

  3. I’ve got in on in the motor all the time, I hope I don’t sicken myself.
    Apparently it’s been on in the TNF office today as well :o)

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