The lighter side of the apocalypse

There’s not enough days left, too much traffic in my way and I type too damned slow to get it all done by Friday.
Still, it’s glorious out there, the fog swathed Clyde Valley has rarely looked quite so magical as it has these past few days, with every surface and every shape soft and sparkling with ever-thickening frost. Hell, even a smokers shelter and a groundsmans tool store at the back of the factory I was visiting looks like Disney built it.

14 thoughts on “The lighter side of the apocalypse”

  1. You wouldn’t be saying that if your gas central heating boiler (brand new, installed in the Summer) had started switching itself off while making alarming gurgling noises. Out with the fan heater…

  2. Hi jlunniss! Aye, the town look nice with its white frock on :o)

    Air in the pump to due to low pressure leading to sudden overheating in the boiler, or the pump’ burst altogether, or the condensate line is frozen and the water’s backed inside the boiler. That’s some of the things I’d looking for from that description! Good luck.

  3. I suspect the last one. I’m trying to warm up the condensate pipe with a fan heater. Unfortunately it goes under the floorboards (three foot gap below),My previous boiler was so old that it had been discontinued in 1990 (a Thorn Apollo). It never failed in cold weather though only in the middle of Summer.
    I’ll call the Gas man (it’s under contract) if I can’t get it working in the morning though I’m not sure what he can do to stop the problem re-occurring until the weather gets a bit warmer.

  4. My condensate pipe has been frozen for days (-10c here at the moment), so have the boiler draining straight to a bowl until Moray warms up! On the plus side, -10c = excellent XC ski conditions.

  5. Actually my condensation pipe did freeze when it hit -15… complete with gurgling goblins. Just connected it to the drain for the bath instead and problem solved.

  6. A bit of snow – nice

    Almost a month of snow – a pain in the bum…

    …especially when one has designs on a couple of hills on the west coast and a night in Kinlochleven early next week.

  7. The freezing condensate line was a huge problem last winter, looks like being the same again.
    The only solution is to install it where it won’t freeze, insulate it or put a tracer/heater cable on any external pipework.

    Next week David? I’ll see you there!

  8. Worked for 20 minutes and then failed with an electrical error. Gas man found it full of water around the heat exchanger, cleaned it out and restarted it. Apparently they are not allowed to cut the condenate pipe if it is inside the property. Offered to flog me a heater for the pipe for £199 + vat when they get them in stock (sold out).
    A burst waste pipe from the flat above, was pouring down the wall near the flue whenever the sink/washing machine was used so hopefully that may have been the cause of the water build up.

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