The light at the middle of the tunnel

I didn’t get out for a ride tonight, which was annoying as I’ve just fitted new bars and stem to the bike. I also stuck on my hand-built wheels and was depressed to find that the new cheapos that came with the bike might be lighter as the rims are actually top notch. But, the hubs are pish.
Ach, I’ll deal with it later.
Minging weather, dinner, Cat visiting and having little energy left after spending the afternoon having to hotwire some equipment in a flooded plantroom to enable it all to run for two days before I strip it all out has had me fastened to the chair since I came in and still in my working gear too.
I did have lunch with my best pal from primary school though, only the second time we’ve met in over 20 years, and apparently the passage of time, is in some cases kind of irrelevant.
It really was great, and interesting to see how much and indeed how little we change through the years.

There’s talk of pressing pause on the Empire Strikes Back to make tea. I’m playing dumb and hoping someone else’s nerve/patience goes. I hate making multiple cuppas, it dilutes the art, it’s mass production … or some other nonsense that covers for my laziness. 

So, back to writing KORS Part 2, what can I say about Rab’s use of yellow and purple? This’ll delay me ever more…

12 thoughts on “The light at the middle of the tunnel”

  1. Best laid plans and all that!!

    Time is a sppoky thing. Dumped into a work colleague I haven’t seen in 10yrs and turns out he married another one of my old work colleauges and they live just 10 minutes from me.

    May need to call on your services to sort the breaks on the GT especially as putting the BM in has cost me £135!! The joys of bike maintenance

  2. Blondie, I feel your pain! I was either spending a lot or I was riding our WHW thing on a something built from spare parts including a frame that I’d taken an angle grinder to.
    Nightmare.But the bikes nice.
    Talking of which Bobinson, scandium is only rubbish if it’s made wrong, if it’s done right it’s actually better around the welds, and it smooths out the structure of the alloy. Done wrong it’ll rip apart like Dinky Space 1999 eagle transporter…
    I did extensive research well into the night before I got the bike, and Kona is having no trouble with the new scandium frames, tales of carbon stretching are more common and it sells plenty, so I’m not giving a shit. The bike fits well, feels great and I burst a Kona clump frame, so it doesn’t really matter what I ride, unless it’s a railway sleeper with a saddle, it’s at risk from my poor handling :o)

  3. Good to hear. My (working) week would be a lesser place without the pictures and the ‘chat’. It’s the one benefit of no longer working outside – the ready access to the internet :-)

  4. I’m in a flooded windowless dungeon right now (well, not right now), so a little escape into the electric light box is always welcome!

  5. My work has decided that your photies are verbotten and all I can see are white boxes. I think they’ve blocked Photobucket but, typically, seem to have forgotten about flickr :o)

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