The leading horse is white, the second horse is red, the third one is a black, the last one is a green

Phil took that shot below on our recent Mamores (mis)adventure and I think I’m still struggling up that drift.
I’m still trying to coordinate December’s agenda while bouncing 2011 off a table tennis bat with only the length of elastic between the two items keeping me in touch with the present day. Holly finally being diagnosed with the HSP virus after weeks of no’ bein’ right isn’t helping either, knowledge it turns out isn’t power it’s just more fuel for the worry bonfire.
There are moments of levity, and indeed useful productivity, in fact all the gaps are filled with stuff until there are no gaps. I look forward to gaps, I want to watch my Spanish import Bear Island DVD (I don’t speak Spanish, and I’ve already practised selecting the English soundtrack to avoid frustration and disappointment when I finally sit down to watch it).
My LX3 camera comes up in conversation from time to time, but I’ve just discovered that you can update its internal gubbins with “Firmware 2.2”. Now this was no easy task for me, I had to buy an SD card reader (actually Joycee had to by an SD card reader, I was worried the assistant might ask me a technical question and caused me to feign unconsciousness)  and then do clicking on things and moving of stuff from folder to folder, and then the battery had to be fully charged and the whole operation took a week and was highly stressful. However it is done and over two years worth of updates are now installed into the camera. There’s a new icon in Scene mode which I’ll be trying and the rest involve all sorts of manipulation to engage or work automatically, so I hope the little icon is worth the hassle. “High Dynamic” it’s called, it bet it just makes everything psychedelic or look like its made of Lego and Play Doh. Ah, just like home.

11 thoughts on “The leading horse is white, the second horse is red, the third one is a black, the last one is a green”

  1. Aw i hope Holly is all better soon, poor wee button.
    You’re right, high dynamic sounds like it’ll be colourful, TES!! :-)

  2. She’s on the couch with blankie watching Barbie Mariposa right now. On a school night too.
    Her next tests are on Friday, we’ll know where we are then I think.

    Ten out of ten for spotting Aphrodite’s Child Dave!

  3. All the best for tomorrow – hope you can put the bonfire out!

    By the way, I trust that’s a lightweight Barbie with a name like that…

  4. You also get the option to shoot in 1:1 format (ie, square) with that update.

    You just have to switch it on in the menu.

  5. The wee yin’s brighter today, she was quite happy at Granny’s so I even got out for a couple of hours to look at grid refs in the Kilpatricks for a nav course Phil arranging.
    A few days ago my heart was in my mouth she was in such a state, nobody told me being a dad was so difficult at times.

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