The Hearse

Got the new motor. New to me that is, it’s been in this world a good wee while on it’s own already.
It’s another Mondeo estate, and its black. Black. I’m fine with black, I was more worried by the private reggie number that it came with and how quickly I could get a regular one onto it, but everyone else has just noticed the black. The big, black and long motor.
I was thinking it was a bit heavy metal, a bit satantic, a bit James Bond, a bit shinier than the last one, but no. “Oh, I like the new hearse”. I’ve now heard three folk say that to me independantly in the past two days.
So be it, I’m now driving a hearse.

4 thoughts on “The Hearse”

  1. A hearse ! a Gothmobile more like. You’ll be off to Boots for some black hair dye and listening to some decent music next.

  2. I’d need to have enough hair to dye first.

    This motor has a CD player, a first for me, and consequently I can’t play my iPod with my cassette adapter. Humph.

  3. Get yourself a wee FM transmitter, costs about £7 from Amazon, also handy if your working someplace and there’s a radio on in the background.

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