The Guns of Navarone

I just couldn’t bear having that photie of my “just woke up” face at the top of the page any longer.
Even Gregory Peck there is trying to climb away from it, and in decidedly innappropriate footwear too.

It’s pissing down, it’s been a long week, and I have no energy or motivation to things beyond the front door.
I should be psyched for training, but training is not going well, although organising is. We’ve got six participants in the West Highland Way race now, a second road cyclist has joined in, we’ve got endorsements for kit and more, and it’s now gone too far to back out of it. Why do I do these things to myself? No idea, but as long as I’m feeling fitter than I do now it’ll be a lot of fun. And, after it I think I’ll face the heavier packs and shorter days of winter in good form. Or burst.

The weekend? It’ll start after breakfast tomorrow. Or Sunday at the latest.

12 thoughts on “The Guns of Navarone”

  1. Blody morning – second day of the sport and outdoor traid fair show in Poland, I’m sittng with my coffie infront of my notebook, looking like a zombie…

    http://www.petesy... [click]

    O_o :)))

    Thanks for the nice wakeup photie!
    It’s even better than daily Garfield strip ;)

  2. Don’t worry Pete all the essentials have been done, I usally get bladdered the night before so i’m still half pissed at the start, but take lots of water (i’ts essential)

  3. Sun is shining – failed the Welsh 3000s yeaterday due to the sun shining! Drank 4ltrs by the time we’d finished the 4th hill… on the way to the 8th, Gemma couldn’t cope with no water. Van was parked at the bottom of Tryfan as well.

    Like someone said water water water!

    ps Off to get a TravelTap

  4. Come on; you know how I feel about sexism in the outdoors. Where’s the corresponding photo of some fit bloke?

  5. For Kate I have a photie of er, fully-clothed mountain manliness…
    I was in a hurry, there’s a war on, etc :o)

    I’ve been outdoors all weekend and it’s been marvellous. Some of it was training, and I feel like I’ve made up a little ground, just by getting the miles in and watching my diet. Tired though.

    MrChewy, the mountains are going nowhere, next time!

  6. Are you eluding to a long awaited update there ptc*? ;-)

    Yes I got off my arse and blew the cobwebs off :-)

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