The Great Outdoors

My arse. There is green visible through the window of the wee room where we’re having our tea breaks. It’s probably trees, it’s maybe some plastic sheeting over oil drums. It’s probably a good thing the window’s vandalised. It does lend an air of working in (not on) the film vesion of 1984 to our current contract though.

But, the whole squad is here, and it’s been a year since we were all on the same job together. It’ll be banter armageddon until the job is done, and that’ll be a life saver. 12 hours a day until we’re clear.

Aye, so nae ootdoors for another week or so. That’s good though, ah widnae want it to become habit.

Who am I kidding? As if.


8 thoughts on “The Great Outdoors”

  1. It’s shite when you can’t get out. My plans for a night away with my little bro on Saturday were scuppered and our rapidly re-arranged date of Thursday night was torpedoed before i’d hung up the phone. I’ve been cranky ever since!

  2. Got a day walk in the Peak District today. Keeps me sane till I get a backpack in. The week will pass and then to the hills you go. Chin up, its only work and the hills are kind and wait for us.

  3. You’re right Martin, the hills will still be there, long after we’re gone even! What made this weekends lack of adventure particularly hard to cope with is that i’m moving to Norway in five weeks and chances to get out with my brother before i go are rapidly dissapearing.

  4. Hey guys.
    It’s funny, I’m not even looking at the weather forecast which I normally do constantly, just in csae there’s a wee window of potential lovelyness to go and play in.
    It’s probably good for me this time of abstention.

    I wanted to check the tent that Lightwave sent was okay ( it’s a t0 Ultra) so I ended up pitching it in the living room using these “rock pegs” (they’re fabric buckets you put rocks in to use instead or tent pegs where you can’t get a peg in the ground, they weigh about 10g each-I’ll get all this up on the site soon!) and sent Holly in to check it out, She liked it, so I’ll get it out soon enough. But the irony of me getting stuck into back garden adventurers when I didn’t even make it as far as my garden isn’t lost on me :o)

  5. holdfast,

    I was aiming my comments at PTC as a pick me up, not aware of you pending move. Hope you get time with your Brother, family is what matters most. As for Norway wow what a place to be moving to. Hope all works out for you and safe travels.

  6. There was me thinking I was the only sad git that put the tent up in the living room first! You’re right though, the weekend was pure pish. We’ve been spoilt the last couple of months, we come to expect good weather, until the usual rubbish returns.
    I had planned a long weekend in Affric, forecast last Monday was very good, then each day it went from bad to worse to horrible to bad. It’s too far away and too nice to go for a 2 day soaking. But the feeling of disappointment when I finally decided against it worried me a bit. Jesus, I should have known better.
    Even outdoor retail therapy on Saturday was jinxed, I didn’t see anything that I liked. So a weekend to be forgotten.

  7. Family holiday for me next week, and the planned camping trip with me the wife and 4 and 6 year olds up the West Coast is suddenly in jeopardy, she’s panicking about the weather and scanning the Internet for last-minute packages to Med resorts. Please get better weather, I want to stay in Scotland!

  8. Good grief, my melancholy is catching :o0

    We’re paying in advance for the good stuff with this rubbish phase we’re having :o)

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