The Four Horsemen

It’s mayhem, it’s panic, it’s armageddon. It’s Christmas.
I dropped into the city centre in between despairing customers for a quick cuppa with a pal and the masses were in free flight, madness in their eyes, crashing from shop to shop, queuing at the cash machines while fidgeting and shuffling nervously. It’s like the population of Glasgow were fleeing as one from an unseen enemy, but in different directions all at the same time.
As far as I know we’ve been expecting Christmas for oh, a year or so, and yet it seems to have caught everyone by complete surprise. Again.
I like walking through it all at normal pace, like a mobile chicane, a bollard in the middle of the skating rink of chaos.
As for the food shortage that will hit us from Friday to er, Saturday, leading to great suffering in the land, well that memo seems to have missed me, but at least that important news is out and folk are wisely stockpiling….

10 thoughts on “The Four Horsemen”

  1. Aye, crazy in Chester too – massive queues at every checkout. And big signs up in Tesco – “Open as normal Dec 28th” – how will folks cope until then?!! :O

  2. Done my shopping online as usual as i cannot be arsed being stuck in traffic, trying to park & getting fleeced for doing so or even a parking ticket if i’m really lucky, the convenience of the web is a wonder at this time of year, as at most times to be honest.

  3. Have you really bought all the presents, or are you one of those blokes who swans about asking what all the fuss is about, whilst behind the scenes the wife is ordering, queueing, wrapping , returning and preparing everything so well you don’t actually notice anything needed doing ;)

    You can tell you’re one of these if, when watching people open presents from you, it’s as much a surprise for you as it is for them!

  4. 50/50 Shuttleworth.
    I am about to wrap some presents to stick under the tree before the girls come back from visiting family up north tomorrow (having also fitted a new radiator, carpet and done some decorating while they were away, it was a good plan, surely I’ll be in the good books?).

    On the other hand if some folk say “Thanks” to me after Christmas Day I’ll be wondering what the hell they’re talking about or frantically look for clues from Joycee.

    I dunno, does that make me a passive/aggressive Christmaseer?!

  5. :) I think I fall into the same camp, I know what’s in the wrapping paper, but perhaps I haven’t been so involved in actually getting the contents to our house (surely that’s Santa’s job anyway!)

  6. Aye, Santa is the man, Just ask Holly, all we’ve been getting is “Santa coming soon? Parcels?”.
    And if Joycee’s stuff is the wrong size Santa’s getting the blame too.

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