The end of an era


For the last few years there has been a constant, something that became a part of my everyday life and that I came to enjoy and that I came to rely on.
It changed my life, and that’s definitely something I never expected.

The times we shared will live with me, the near misses, the occasional frustration and the infinite moments of joy. But, all things must come to an end whether we want them to or not, and tomorrow will see a change, a big change and things will never be the same again.

This is me saying goodbye to a friend.

In the manner of a pretentious twat.


The LX5 will be here in a matter of hours. I wonder how it’ll pan out (Ha, see what I did there), it’s got a big pair of trail shoes to fill. The Lx3 has been faultless whether in sub zero conditions, rain, falling onto rocks, covered in condensation in a tent or jam from Holly’s hands. But the screen is dead, the dents are many and it has to be retired.
It’ll be a brave new world on the next trip. Wonder if I’ll read the manual this time?

In case anybody finds this post when I’m gone, every shot above is already on here somewhere else and has a story attached to it. I’m not saying it’s a good story, but I’m saying just for the sake of filling in the blanks like.


19 thoughts on “The end of an era”

  1. a great selection of photos there. Look forward to more with the new fancy camera. New phone for me tomorrow!

  2. good choice on the LX5

    I have a battered LX3 but its still working. However, I have bought an LX5 for work. It might get used at weekends too :)

    PS what are you doing with the old LX3???

  3. Wow! Like I said before I’m relatively new to your site and haven’t seen all of these photos. They are outstanding!

    Start of a new era, surely?

    Looking forward to it, Davy.
    (PS can I get the old camera, I’ll fix it up if it can still get photos like those) :-)

  4. Damn you, my heart nearly stopped as I read the RSS subtitle. Then I realised you were talking about the camera, not the blog. :) Stunned by the photos already so I’m looking forward to future trip reports.

  5. Fantastic selection of pictures. Are they “as taken” or do you photoshop them?

    I have a Lumix FX550 which is very good for general use, but the LX5 is a tempting proposition for the hills since I know I’ll never be bothered to carry full size kit

  6. Good luck with the LX5! I’ve had one for over a year now, and love it. Take a look at the JJC ALC-5 Lens Cap – makes it even more faff free (except when you’re using the filter tube + polarizer). But, I was sad to say goodbye to the lovely retro clip-on cap :-(

  7. I have the unopened boxes of an LX5 and spare proper Panansonic battery sitting in front of me. I’m kinda scared.

    Thanks for the kind words folks. Looks like we all appreciate the accessible wonders of the LX3.
    It’s certainly been a joy to use, every decent shot I’ve taken is all down to the camera and standing in the right place at the right time, I don’t think I’ve contributed much beyond pressing buttons. It’s a strange hobby.

    The quality of the photies is surprising, not the content, but the tech spec (if that’s the right way of saying it), I’ve seen some of mine blown up to poster size at trade shows or showrooms and I have to do a double take, the photies might be fine at A4 but at six feet high, was that really me?

    It just shows how much freedom and access to creativity these brilliant wee cameras give us. A wondeful thing indeed.

    The LX3 is going nowhere, I might get it fixed if it’s not too expensive, plus I’ll need new batteries. It was just getting too unreliable, the trade shows and last couple of trips have all been shot without the screen working half the time, it’s a miracle I’ve got anything at all.
    I’ve got a Kintail trip in a few days and it was the thought of the camera totally failing that forced my hand, I need the shots for a Trail mag route.

    So aye, all new, but hopefully still familiar, the LX3’s usability was perfect for me. Should be fun.

    Editing, now I shrink all the shots for here down to 550px wide which usually flattens them out and I add a little contrast or sometimes curves to bring a little texture back. One thing I don’t do is mess with the colour, the skies and the like are all down to having the camera on sunset setting and having the focus point above the horizon which seems to up the contrast a wee bit.

    See, I genuinely don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

    I’ll do a bit on the LX5 later. And I’ll have alook at that lesn cap :o)

  8. Thank goodness … I thought you were going to hack your legs off, or just give up going to the hills …

    I think you’ll do even better with the LX5 … just look out for knocking the top dial or the sliders around the camera when taking it from a tight camera bag.

    As for the camera itself, make sure it has the new firmware (v2.0). More details from the Panasonic site …

    Enjoy, and keep the excellent piccies coming

  9. Still using my oldish Sony cybershot. At the time i bought it, it was small in comparison to other cameras and only has a tiny lcd screen but also a viewfinder. Considered replacing it but the pics are fine and it is tiny compared to the latest models. I really would like a bigger lcd though but to compensate i just take loads of pics on a few settings and delete the crap ones on the pc. Thats the real beauty of digital for me.

  10. Crikey Pete, I thought you were giving the blogging up to start with and where would I find out about new gear!
    Great photos – Look forward to the posts with your new toy:)

  11. We’ll see about that Pat!

    wawatson, thanks for the heads-up, I checked and it’s got 2.0 installed.

    Coops, it’s the beauty of digital, taking a chance, taking plenty of shots without worrying about the cost of Boots one hour service :o)

    Brian, I was going to do something like that for my mum’s christmas a while back, one of those self made things. A proper book though, I think I’d struggle to fill it with enough goos stuff.
    Did get asked about an exhibition in Glasgow though, photies along with the gear I used in them, tents etc, might do that yet.

    No danger there Mark, this place will grow old with me. Talking of gear, now there’s the new camera and my computer problems look to be getting sorted, there’s a stack of stuff coming up.

  12. Forgot to mention you could probably get a replacement screen for your old model online. To change them its usually connected to a board by a ribbon cable and connector, and four screws keeping the screen in place. Shouldn’t be too fiddly if its cheap enough.

  13. A calendar might be a good idea, I’ll see what I can come up with over the next few months when I’ll be getting out regularly again.

    I was talking to somone about doing the screen, apparently it is prett straightforward which is nice. Just got to hope that the completely dead moments are a dodgy battery. I have 3, I should mark them…

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