The Crunch

I woke up yesterday feeling a bit stiff round my neck and shoulder. As I worked around the kitchen getting the coffee pot on and emptying the Simon Howie breakfast pack into the pan the stiffness grew into the Return of the Curse of the Rotator Cuff (of Doom) and by lunchtime I was full of painkillers, covered in lidocaine patches and immobile on the couch.
And the weather was looking great.
It’s Sunday now and the weather is better but i’m not.
Monday is looking brilliant and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to take advantage of it. Haven’t been off the hills the last couple of weeks, guess I was tempting fate a little too hard.

We shall see.

*The Crunch is also the classic single by The Rah Band. Worth seeking out and while you listen remember that everything you hear is guitar and keys, no synths, just effects pedals. It’s genius.

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