The clocks have changed.

There’s something to be said for “never going to sleep on an argument”. It says to me something of missed opportunities to put things right while you can. In the rough and tumble of daily life it’s easy to be distracted from the important things, and you know me, that means family.
Just shouting “Bye” down the hall without even looking as Joycee goes to work really isn’t good enough, going to be bed without going in to check on Holly and tucking her in just a little bit more is criminal. Taking time with my parents as we all grow older is as precious as the air I breathe and as easy to take for granted if I’m not careful.
I’m a godless barbarian, so I have no second chances. I have to say everything I need to say to the people I need to hear it while we’re all still here or I’ll have failed.
I don’t intend to fail, I do intend to try a little harder though.

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  1. That’s good way to live your life fella… we never know what’s around the corner. My sis is intent on suicide at the moment, so even every text message is vital and with parents approaching their 70s… even living miles away, you have to buy out the time to show them they are important.

  2. The fragility of life has never seemed so tangible as it does now, and having Holly has already made me more sensitive that I’d even been.
    I hope things go better for your sister.

  3. Cheers fella. Appreciated.

    The stuff I’ve had to come through physically this last few years has impressed upon me – that if the moment come to say goodbye – would you be satisfied with what you’ve done and how you left things?
    My family isn’t particularly close, so I’ve had to take some steps to correct that and boy was I glad I had when my Uncle past away. Somethings you can’t control but there’s plenty you can have a say in. Being the middle generation of the family, rather than the the ‘yoof’ is a sobering and enlightening place to be.
    It’s strange but the last year or two I keep thinking I should make a video for the kids just in case something happens. So I don’t get miss their big days, even if the worst happens. I even sorted my will last month!

    Morbid thoughts but necessary – must be all the death metal years ago haha. It’s all good though as long as it’s used positively.

  4. Nice one. Pertinent stuff. My girlfriend’s Dad died a couple of weeks ago and much of this year has been spent visiting hospitals and looking after her mum. My own Dad is starting on dementia – changing the clocks was a major confusion for him according to my mum, but one they found some humour in – and time with him is precious. All this has diverted us from the hills this year, but so what. I used to get annoyed when I couldn’t go to the hills on a sunny weekend, but family is more important than playing out now I am in my 40s. And that is Ok.

    Like ptc, I hope your sister gets over this.

  5. Great sentiments. When your parents are gone you’ll run through all the things you wished you’d said and done. The more you do now the fewer regrets you’ll have later.

  6. Sorry to hear about your dad-in-law Chris, it must have been a hard summer and I guess you’ve got more ahead of you with your dad. The hills don’t go away tho… there they will be when you have better times. I’m actually starting to look forward to having grandkids and getting them out camping. Generations come and go but family, and the enjoyment of it, remain. That’s a legacy worth taking part in AND of setting an example for future/following kids.

    I love getting away from it all in the mountains but it’s not worth a light if you have nothing to go home to. You can invest in good gear, vehicles and gadgets but it’s always best to spend even more investing in family and friends.

  7. “Never let the sun go down on an argument” is the saying in our family. Which is a bit odd given the amount of sun we get in this country!

    I had a friend who was estranged from her parents. Having lost my dad very suddenly with no opportunity to say goodbye, I entreated her not to let the situation continue. I have no regrests in my relationship with my dad, but if there’d been an argument with no opportunity to make things up it would have been so much harder to cope with.

    mrchewey – hope your sis gets through it.

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