7 thoughts on “The bit inbetween”

  1. It was, aye. Finally I can do we bits of film without the bloody woodpecker in the background that seemed to live inside my old camera!

  2. nice one, id be interested to see how you get on with it over the next couple of months as im in the market for a new camera, not decided whether to go compact or digi slr yet tho.

    ps i got some more insoles in the end!!

  3. Good job on the insoles, they’re becoming a rarity.

    For me this camera should be enough, it’s so much wider than the old one, but still has instant settings. So point and click with more mountains :o)

  4. they seem to have changed a little since my last pair, they have a bit more padding and i bit less plastic, shal see how they go.

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