The bells… the bells…

We’d already set the tone with the song, so what the hell, go for the Sabbath font as well.
It’s called Before You Go, it’s me and Craig again, Craig on the drums and me on all the other stuff. The other stuff which doesn’t include sythesisers, it’s all guitars, thanks to Electro Harmonix and their wacky effects pedals.
So, here we have a couple of afternoon’s work of shouting and hitting things from two fat old men.

21 thoughts on “The bells… the bells…”

  1. twas alreet that – nice dirty and slowish riff. Always wanted to make a similar but slower sound but I ain’t got the rhythm or the skills.
    Constructive criticism? Let holly do the screaming next time! ;-P

  2. See, Britain has got talent but it’s just not on that telly programme!

    nice work. :)

  3. We really enjoyed finishing this track off. We were all howling with laughter in the control room sticking on the weather and bells.
    There’s real joy in making music just for ourselves and the fun of it, you can get away with anything :o)

  4. Oh the joy, the joy. That brought tears to my eyes mate – bless your little metal heart.

    what in Gods name are you dropped down to? Sounds like B! With not too heavy strings perhaps for that authentic Iommi warble.

    Nice to hear a bit of double bass drums at the end as well.

    Guess you’re on the mend then.

  5. Just realised that first bit sounded patronizing which I didn’t mean at all. It’s good stuff. That’s a pretty decent voice as well. I’m just jealous because you’re having fun with music when it’s my bloody day job. Right now I’m taking a break from transcribing Katy Perry songs for a wee lassies lesson tomorrow when I’d rather be grinding out mayhem in a damp basement. Looking forward to the next track!

  6. Not patronising at all, you kinda summed it all up there!

    I tune down to C# and then drop-D the E-string to B. I use 11-54’s which have pretty good tension overall, but like you say leaves the low E especially with enough slackness to make it wobble off the note which I love :o)
    Suits the bass really well too, I just use the 4 low strings from a 5-string set and it’s ready-tuned to the guitar with no floppy string issues at all.

    I can understand some of what you say about music becoming your work. When I started doing outdoor freelancing stuff I had a couple of trips right up north where I had to keep going back because the weather wasn’t right and on the second trip I was quitting for ever with every step back to the motor.

  7. Well I liked it…….up to about 5mins anyway. Thought that it had echoes of The End by The Doors. All it needed was a couple of Hueys & it would have been the biz.

    Mind you I might have partaken of too much of the red biddy as it also reminded me of Rhythm of the Falling Rain by the Cascades !!

  8. Excellent!

    That’s really good Pete, it’s even got a catchy chorus. Now all you need to do it get it down to a radio friendly 4 minutes or so.

    You guys manage to gig at all? It’s the most fun you can have off a hill.

  9. That princess track is really good, love the guitar, although my pc screen speakers don’t really do it justice. I think you should write a tune containing all outdoor reference lyrics for a laugh. Heavy Metal goes lightweight

  10. Alan, there’s so many bits of influence stitched into the songs we do I’m not surprised by anything you might hear in there!

    gypsymac, haven’t gigged in years. Craig and I have had half a dozen or more bass players in and none of them made it past two rehearsals never mind recording or gigging. I think there’s something wrong with us :o)

    Princess is my favourite track we’ve done coops, always makes me smile.
    I did do some outdoor lyrics, oh they’re going nowhere near a studio!

    Been listening to the new track today as I’ve been driving about. I feel some remixing coming on.

  11. Petesy..! Listening to the track more than once, I think a few tweaks here and there is a must. It definately sounds different outside of the control room. It needs………. MORE DRUMS!!

  12. Outdoor lyrics probably a good idea to give em a miss after trying to rhyme something with haglofs :) not easy. P.S think i’ve got someone in the US to act as postage handler for Montrail insoles so should be sorted there.

  13. Coops good job, I’d found some smaller sizes but no-one is getting back to me about supply. Terrible state of affairs.

  14. Haylofts?

    C’mon people, someone has got to do better than that. I’m in the need of being entertained.

  15. All I’m getting P.Off, an abreviation for Post Office when spoken out loud caused much trouble bteween Bernard Cribbens and John Cleese in a episode of Faulty Towers.

    Joycee sitting next to me on the couch suggests Big Gloves.

    “On my hat’s an H for Haglofs, my rucksack’s light I ain’t no packhorse…”

    Ah shit, I’ve got a melody for that in my head now.

  16. That’s the spirit. Now oot with the V and get cracking.

    I’ll expect it to be in the shops by Monday.

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