The Bedford Level Experiment

Christmas is the end of the year for me. It’s the bullet hitting the target, the week that follows is just the old year falling to the ground. I get my thoughtful moments and reflection out of the way, and by the time Hogmanay is here I’m thinking “new and next”.
But, I was just flicking through my old photies after posting some stuff on Scottish Hills and there were some that made me frown and smile at the memories, and there’s some of these again below. It was a year of stuff and things, victories and defeats, happy accidents and big mistakes.
This place has trundled on quite happily and has helped my memory no end, for the first time in my life I can actually see where I was and what I was doing. The other previous 39 years are a haze of faces, places and ducking to avoid incoming fire.

One last moment of reflection before the lights go out. For those kind messages sent that I couldn’t find the right words to reply to, thank you.

What’s new and next I wonder… ?

22 thoughts on “The Bedford Level Experiment”

  1. All the Best for 2010.

    I’m looking forward to the new year too. Two self betterment items for early 2010 for me:

    1. Clear the debt, it’s been a long time coming, but the finish line is in sight. By February I will have £0 on credit cards, it’s going to feel brilliant.

    2. Lose the moobs. Bald AND fat? It just won’t do. So:

    Out to the hills more, + more daily excercise. Thanks for being a great inspiration to the former…



  2. Well, the funny thing is that those photies are not just throwing back *your* year at you, but, having been shared, they also are now part of *our* memories, so in seeing them again, a bit of us too is going past as the new year approaches.

    Many happy overnighters in 2010! May the Sigg bottle rise again to meet ya!

  3. Hmm, new and next… whatever it turns out like, it’ll have only started because of _your_ inspiration. *Thank you*.

  4. You know, it’s kinda nice that we’ve shared the year. I hadn’t really thought of that.
    I’m glad my mild adventuring has caused the occassional happy distraction.

    Here’s to us all. Health and happiness in the year ahead.

  5. Aye, but if I was in any of the shots you’d find it in WHSmith hanging in between Doctor Who Villians and World of Dinosaurs :o)

  6. Aye the photies are great as ever. I like the way you’ve posted each day in December. Like an unofficial advent calendar of sorts, with each day came a new post with photies and stories of old and new. Great!

    I don’t know how or when i first came across this place, I think it was in February 09. I think i asked about boots and crampons and then you knocked my kit list for Nepal all to pot with your helpful suggestions! :o)

    I haven’t gone back and read past posts but one of my favourite posts has to be this one: and then even more so this Great account of a journey.

    However I do think this was also a good, honest account of what happens when folks have great ideas and things may not always go to plan. and

    And not forgetting all the photies of lovely colourful kit – even if it is mostly for men! I’ll admit, most of the technical info stuff goes over my head. All I want to know is 1) what colour is it, 2) will it fit me and 3) how dear is it, do I need to dip into my kit fund to buy it! Haha.

    So aye, thanks for this place. It’s kinda Alright!

  7. Ah, you spotted the every day in December thing :o)
    I was planning on emptying my head out to let the new year in I think?!

    Interesting choices from the year, both trips featured highs and lows and some very personal and emotional moments. Both will stay with me too.
    It’s a funny, I don’t self censor much (hey, I rarely sort the grammar or spelling…) and I wonder if it’s the combination of detachment, communicating with friends and throwing it all out into the wide blue yonder to do what it likes that lets you write and post exactly what you think and feel. Blogging is expression without bounds really, and whether you have one or one thousand readers it’s a wonderful thing altogether for folk to do.

    More kit for you soon Ange, winter stuff too. Alright!

  8. Well i think this year i have spent more on kit than i have for ages thanks to some of your recommendations/reviews. So thanks for my decreasing bank balance and have a good new year mate, are you having a big knees up?. Keep the good stuff coming thick and fast as this is one of my first port of calls when i go online. All the best to everyone else on here also.

  9. Me and the girls are staying in and putting the front door light out!

    I’ll need to put up a discaimer “I cannot be held accountable for any loss of wealth due to visting these premisses” :o)

    Have a great Hogmany coops!

  10. Back in the bobinson mansion !
    The KP’s looked great today when I flew into Glasgow today !
    You and the family have a good peacefull one mate and I will see you on the otherside for cake coffee and maps.

  11. Like TBW says a great wee reminder. I’d like to thank you for the advice and inspiration over the last year. Oh e, and best wishes for he rest of the year ahead.

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