The Bear and the Bow.

Joycee’s left a Pot Noodle right in front of the kettle. It’s like some kind of bizarre test, will he/won’t he, no he won’t. Not yet. I’ll wait, I can do that, surprise is a dish best served after stirring and standing for a few minutes and then deciding if you should use a new fork as the one you stirred it with originally just looks a little unsavoury now.

I’d promised Holly I’d do this and after a year we finally found a Schleich Grizzly Bear in the Sentry Box toy shop just of Byres Road the other day. So today, I made holes in its back, ground off some fur, scarred it, broke it’s jaw, half blinded it and stuck spears, swords and arrows in its back (which I might add are exactly placed and formed like those in Disney’s pre-production drawings, down to the wound binding on the big spear, OCD, me?) before painting it in an assortment of dark and evil tones. We now have a Mor’du figure.

I’ve still to finish the painting, but I thought I’d make a record of the wee fella in case Disney have me killed before I complete it.


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