The Band

Never have I talked so much shite and have it recorded to be used in evidence against me.
But, we never lost anyone, mechanicals were very few and the weather was as fine as we could have wished for.
I’ve brought back as many new thoughts as I took out old ones to air when I set off yesterday.
Always a good thing.

6 thoughts on “The Band”

  1. You had some bloody good weather for it! From the picture above it looks like your Lasercomp got a bit ravaged, though. ;D

  2. Did you mean to type “Never have I buried so much shite…”?

    Glad to hear it went well and I’ll be very interested in hearing how the arguments weigh up.

    Just acquired a new Drillium jacket, man is it stiff and crinkly (bit like myself coming to think of it..)

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