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  1. “away to somewhere as yet unknown in Lochaber on Friday”…We backpackers far from the hills can only dream of such adventures for the weekend. Have a good trip.

  2. Backpackers far from the hills? I’m travelling all the way up from South Wales for this Lochaber weekend! Not that I’m backpacking… ;-)

  3. Lochaber will be a joy I’m sure, I was in Glen Coe today. I won’t lie, it’s handy having this stuff so close.

    I’m zombie-like in that photies as I was negotiating some greasy rocks when Joycee took it…honest…

    Work? Yes, I may defer that luxury until the 12th :o)

    Not backpacking, aye. Plenty room for a hot pie, soup etc in your pack for those sitting cold on the summit (whatever that may be?!) waiting on Saturday.

  4. Surely you’ve got an ultra-lightweight pie that will self-heat whilst you wait for us on the summit (whatever summit that may be)?!!

  5. It has occured to me to take extra food and water in case it’s more of a lunch time visit from you lot.
    My pie would definitely be cold by then.

  6. I’m still in two minds as in whether to wildcamp or not for this… Either way pies shall be consumed(of the macaroni variety of course)

  7. I’ll admit it’s a long night in a tent at the moment as it’s dark at stupid o’clock, but that just means summit prowling by headtorch, cuppas and metal on the ipod.
    Campsites mostly give me the heebeegeebees.

  8. Can I suggest the answer is to only start walking at 10.00pm once you have put the kids to bed and driven an hour and a half to the hills. This way you avoid lots of sitting in the tent (althought the tea and metal sound good). You also get to play with all the settings on your Apex headlamp as you try to find a spot for the tent at midnight.

  9. The joys of finding a good pich in the dark!
    I always look forward to the morning to see if I’ve disgraced myself or not.

  10. To right.

    My spot on Corn Du last week was just that. I had to camp porch in to the wind to get my head up hill (and I was in a Lightwave!).

  11. My sympathies!

    Earlier last year I pitched the tent, inflated my mat, lofted my sleeping bag, got my gear admined, got the stove on and got inside to sit on a fin of rock running down the centre of the tent.
    There were tears I’ll tell you.

  12. Camping on top of Corn Du? Was that to see in the New Year? I bet half of Merthyr was on Pen y Fan!

  13. It was the Monday before New Year and I had the place to myself. The first people I saw were some army lads running by at 07.00 the next morning. They looked very envious of my hot breakfast in an orange bag and steaming mug of tea! It did get rather busy after that though. I’m always amused at the strange looks you get from people when they realise you have been out all night.

  14. It was a particularly good day for it. The sight of my van with ice on the windscreen next to all the still steaming cars of those just out for the day was a joy.

  15. Magic :o)

    The looks you get when leaving the car with a full pack when other folk are taking their boots off are a joy as well.

  16. I was hunting for a photie I’ve got from a few years back. I’m on the top of Ben Cruachan in February, shell jacket and pants, big gloves, hat etc and my Alpiniste pack still looks full.
    I swear I don’t carry anything different these days, so what the hell was in my pack?

  17. Besides the ‘spares’, I’m assuming enough food for a week, enough water for a trip in the desert, a 2 litre thermos of tea and a first aid kit for a team of ten.

    Oh wait, that was me a few years back!

  18. That sounds like my pack from around ’99. The height of my hype believing period.
    It could’ve been worse, my packs were always good, even if the weight was high.

  19. Most definitely. In fact I still use the same 1.7kg pack for winter climbing that I bought in the mid 90s. It is just that I have added a 600g pack for backpacking and ditched most of the extraneous kit.

  20. It’s funny how packs that weight the same can feel heavier on your back.
    That’s the clever part, getting the carry just right. And it’s body shape as well.
    For all I love old Karrimor the Jaguar used to kill me, but I could carry the same load in the 75L Alpiniste no problem even with its minimal back system.

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