The annoying thing about the outdoors

Is that it’s just not loud enough. This is though, and I’ve nearly finished restoring it. It’s an early 80’s JayDee Arrow, which is pretty much a replica of a 1958 Gibson Flying V. It was the first electric guitar I ever played when it was hanging in Grant’s Music on Byres Road in Glasgow (long closed) back in ’84. But as a youngster I had no hope of affording a one-off hand made guitar.

20 years later I found the same guitar in a sorry state in a second hand store, beaten and bruised, non operational and going cheap with an unknown logo on the headstock. John Diggins may have made guitars for Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath an Mark KIng of Level 42, but everybody wants a brand name don’t they?

I’ve refinished it in nice antique natural which shows off the mahogany, replaced what hardwear and electrics were buggered and repaired what was saveable. I’ve just put strings on it and it sings a mighty song in the key of a nice low C#. A couple of gold plated nuts on the jack socket and switch and it’s done.

Indoors can be fun too. Alright!

8 thoughts on “The annoying thing about the outdoors”

  1. Looks the business, I love that natural look – thanks again for bench-testing my noisy stuff last Friday – the mandobird has landed :0)

  2. That’s proper guitaring that, not like my detuned wah-pedalized strummings.

    Our wedding march tune was Rebel Rouser by Duane Eddy :o)

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