The Android Invasion

I picked up Holly from nursery and we had an afternoon together. It started with a nice long sleep in front of the telly for the two of us (we have hard lives) but we picked up the beat pretty well with a picnic in the Kilpatricks at tea time. After which we explored some of the tracks, looking for woodpeckers, squirrels and bears. Yeti’s were mentioned, knows her mountain denizens does the girl.
The sky was like a windscreen shattering in your face in slow motion as the juggernaut that had slammed into you lit up each jagged shard of glass with the row of blazing halogens on it’s chromium plated gantry. Well, maybe not, it was really nice though.
Isn’t nature great, it’s all around us all the time, it’s free and it doesn’t have adverts every 11 minutes.

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