The Aircrash Bureau

I just had some blokes at the door, with their pamphlets and their books and their eagerness and smiles. Years ago I’d have been instantly confrontational and made myself look really stupid, these days I’ll have a chat, we’ll talk about our respective points of view, our hopes for the future and maybe eventually touch on the merits of interpretation. When we part ways it’s with genuine good wishes for the rest of the day from both sides.
You might never make someone understand your side of things, but letting them know that you’re intelligent, reasonable and friendly at least establishes that folk the from the other side aren’t all slavering aggressive inarticulate stupids. Is that bridging gap of understanding, maybe just a wee bit?

I’ve had a poll up for a while with options for opinions on training. It was inspired by me having to start that very activity. I’m doing a team event in October (no, not that one), and I have to be bike fit, both for riding it and for carrying it. Two months seems like a long time, but I think it’s going to fly by, and there will be panicking at some point when I’m still a fat bastard with very little progress made.
I say this because when I came back from fueling up the motor I walked into the shop on autopilot and bought a roll on a egg & tattie scone and a cream bun. Is there really no hope?

14 thoughts on “The Aircrash Bureau”

  1. It will fly by! I’m off to ‘do’ the Lyke Wake Walk on Saturday. I got all carried away walking and running and cycling. But now it is very imminent and due to a certain virus I’ve done nothing active for a few weeks. It will hurt by mile 40 I’m sure, but it will still be fun as it’s outdoors (and it’s not a race)…

  2. I do feel better for my roll and cream bun, no cramps in my quads…

    More-On, just take it easy out there!

    I’ll fill in the details of what we’re up to soon, basically it’s mountain bike versus trail runner versus roadbike. It’s on a route I know well :o)

  3. I will indeed! As I’m planning a 35 miler in the Lakes the weekend after this bug really couldn’t have come at a worse time. At least the forecast rain will keep my temparature down…

    Anyway, this wee ‘race’ – it couldn’t be along something we should all go for a backpack along soon is it?

  4. Oh well – I’ll just have to get my (as yet unused) Harvey’s map out and count the miles ;-)

  5. That 100 wouldn’t happen to include the 5 miles to Milngavie?

    I’m doing the Ben race in 6 weeks and seriously need to get training for that. Trouble is its hard to do event specific training without a 1000m plus peak in your back garden. Off to Arran for a week soon though so will get plenty of good training in there.

  6. All this talk of training has got me thinking about a new challenge! – anyone got any ideas?!

    I’ve been training just to tide me over since I came back from trekking but it’s so easy to put it off when you’ve not got something to focus on or train for. We’ll see..

  7. I’ve got plenty of time to train for the Welsh 3000ers next summer with the SARDA team I ‘body’ for. But I’m still doubtful of the wisdom of saying ‘yes’.

  8. Hmmmm. This training thing.
    I dutifully ticked the ‘necessary’ box but just know that it’s a lie. I will put it off until a week to go when I will then have seven days to lose a gallon beer belly.
    Train on the challenge?

    I see that virtually everyone thought it was necessary. Oh yeah?

  9. Interesting to see that folk are thinking of missions, good job.
    Training is a funny thing, I won’t be able to fake it on the bike. Put me on my feet and I’ll just keep going (with frequent rests…), but racing the WHW in two stages over two days (aye, that’s the thing I’m doing) will mean I have to be ready to some extent.
    Brief premise: two runners, two mountain bikers, one road biker. Race to Tyndrum for pie and banter by the log fire, and then to Milngavie the next day. No prizes, no real point to it, just for laughs, to see what the times are and also to see what some nu-school training and nutrition does for the runners. The road bike will tan us all the way, but the runners are strong, so the times shouldn’t be that different from the mtb’s (I’ll be pushing it up a lot of hills I fear).

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