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I had to stop at the usual spot and take a photie, just in case this ghost of winters past disappears when it realises it’s years too late and goes back to 1947.
Loch Ba was solid, the sky had a few holes of pale blue but the snow was coming back and filling them in as it sprinkled the land in a rather relaxed fashion.
Glen Coe was marvellous, me and the girls had lunch, a wander, we chatted to Australians, bought socks and returned home in good spirits with even the traffic failing to be bad enough to burst our bubble. It’s beautiful out there, just like the old days. This was a lovely day to finish the holidays on.

I never regard this place as an information centre, Press Releases just get read and filed, but the one that was waiting for me when I came back was different.
I’ve known for a long time that this was coming, but it’s still a rather melancholy moment to see it in print. Mike Parsons, who regular readers will have seen on here often, the inventor of milestones like the Karrimor Alpiniste packs and Alpiniste Fleece, and more recently brought us the brilliant range of OMM kit has parted company with OMM.
As a member of the OMM Lead User Group it’s been a joy and a privilege to be involved with Mike and the rest of the team over the past few years. To see gear go from an idea, to a discussion, to a drawing, to a sample, to a product in a shop was a fantastic experience. I’ve learned a lot, not just about process of design and production, but about the possibilities that lie within an apparently disparate bunch of folk given the right catalyst, or should that be the right ringmaster?!
I wish Mike all the best for the future, and for the OMM logo to continue to grace kit that’s at the front of the curve.

Mike’s blog post is here, as you’ll see he’s not putting his feet up.

10 thoughts on “That’s That”

  1. Aye, that’s the tree on Rannoch Moor by the roadside. I fell into the snow up to my waist in jeans and a t-shirt to get that shot today…

    I killed it with photoshop to get even.

  2. Great that you were able to make it to Glen Coe!

    Sad news about Mike Parsons and OMM. Is he going to set up shop elsewhere or has it had it with industry, cottage and otherwise and just wants to get on with enjoying his retirement? Looks like there’s still plenty of ideas left in him though…

    To my mind, the OMM packs and the Karrimor before them are the most elegant, most functional packs ever devised.

  3. Mike’s a man of endless energy and enthusiasm, he’s busy with Innov_Ex, teaching and he’s got plans for trips worldwide this year.
    As for packs and the like? Well, you never know what’ll happen there…

    Today was a great day to be out and about :o)

  4. It certainly was a good day to be out and about. We had a wander up the Luss Hills today and it was a treat up there. Oh for many more days like it.

    I have no doubt that Mike Parson’s influence will be felt for many years to come in the outdoor world and wait eagerly to see what he comes up with. Let’s hope OMM still listen to their customers

  5. I looked nice as we drove by there, fog still sitting on the Loch with sunshine on either side :o)

    We need the likes of Mike and Peter Hutchinson to keep some soul in the trade and pass on that quality to the new folk following them.

  6. I knew Mike myself via a mate who rode in the Karrimor mountain bike team in the early 90’s, top man and has contributed a massive amount of knowledge and equipment design that will never leave the realms of outdoor history. Always made a good brew when we bobbed in on our way back from Helvellyn too, so all the best in whatever you do Mike. This snow is great on the hills but the roads, we just can’t cope anymore can we as a nation. Its the first time i have seen people skiing on the local moors though. I will be out as much as possible even if just locally as i quite like this global warming lark ;)

  7. Aye, he’s got the ideally placed house!

    It’s interesting watch the nation fail in the snow, if we keep getting winters like this they’ll have to upgrade the infrastructure to deal with again.
    Maybe The Day After Tomorrow was nearer reality that An Uncomfortable Truth :o)

  8. Funny you should mention those films as i am about to watch 2012 tonight, even worse if you believe the mayans, but they did have the most accurate ability of star interpretation. I will be glad when the roads are clear but the hills are still covered, so i can get to em & enjoy em.

  9. I will be watching what happens to the OMM packs with interest. I always seemed to be able to justify every new OMM model. It started off needing 15 litres volume between each pack and ended up nearer to 5…

  10. Coops, that looks like a fun movie, the just love trashing the US with CGI :o)
    I was pleased at how clear the roads were yesterday, the Ice Factor were saying they’ve had clear roads and no customers right through the holidays.

    Time will tell Holdfast, the current range is the last with Mike’s input, and some of the pre-production stuff I’ve got might never see the light of day.
    Fingers crossed for a happy future.

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