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The Glen Lyon Horseshoe is probably better known for the arsehole landowner at its foot than its peaks. But it’s a lovely place, the walking is good and it catches and holds snow. Driving over the pass by the Ben Lawers visitor centre can be a gamble in winter as the descent into Glen Lyon is hairy when the road is iced, but it feels wild and remote in Glen Lyon in hard winter conditions, so it’s worth the gritted teeth and beads of sweat on your brow.

That photie was taken with Gromit impaled on a Sigg bottle and it was bloody freezing. My hair (I had hair, it was styled and everything) and my eyelashes froze in a bitter wind and I only got half way around the horseshoe before I came back down with visions of hot cuppas luring me off my planned route. I remember a flock of deer barely aknowledging me, unfazed as I passed through them lower down as a soft heavy snow fall started and the wind died.

That was at least ten years ago and sorting through some photies, the one above popped to the surface and the memories above came flooding back.
It’s like me finding a Radio Times from 1974 and reading the news that Tom Baker, the new Doctor Who, will be facing his old enemies the Daleks in a six part story called The Genesis of the Daleks. I’m right there.

Memories, truly the most precious of possesions.

8 thoughts on “That reminds me”

  1. Now that’s a photo, mate – the angle and the hazy perspective make Gromit look about 20ft tall, like something akin to those big inflatable snowmen or Santas that suddenly pop up outside wealthy abodes in Dec – fantastic.

    And you’re right about memories, your tale above of frozen hairy bits reminds me of a photo I have somewhere (don’t worry, it’s not that kind of photo) of me sitting on a chairlift going up a glacier in Austria : it was -25 and some of my long hair had blown across my face freeezing to the stubble on my top lip and making it appear as if I had a long frozen moustache. If I find it (because obviously I have to go look for it now) I’ll scan it and email you.

  2. Great photo ptc*. I had to look twice to see how it was composed.

    @ Das – nevermind e-mailing that photo to ptc*, let’s see it posted on here!

  3. Aye, the foreground is about 18″ away and the background is about two miles away.
    I still miss waiting on Boots developing my film like in those days, then sitting in a cafe and going through them.

    Aye Das, 540 pixels wide fits in the comments very nicely :o)

  4. Listing to the football on the radio. It is nil nil at half time. It is mind numbing and bad. I found Gromit here and it has made me smile. Good picture.

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