That had been on my mind

Circumstances can change so fast these days. The girls and I ended up in the Real Food Cafe for lunch today. Chicken, chips and curry sauce all round, and Holly had a go at the tomato soup and crusty bread, but was definitely more interested in our plates. A joy as always.
But, and it’s incredible considering how often I’m in there, this was the first time I’d bumped into Sarah the owner since I was on the WHW last year. Even now I get misty eyed when I think of my visit as I headed South, they fed and watered me in joyful abundance, let me use the computer to update everyone and were quite happy as I hung around recharging, drying out and making the place look untidy. It was vital to my moral that stop, and to my feet. I wouldn’t have got as far that second day without them.
So, I finally got to say a proper thank you.

8 thoughts on “That had been on my mind”

  1. Sarah is lovely. Me and my girlfriend have been dropping in there on the way way back from the hills ever since they opened. It is a massive improvement on the Little Chef! Sarah is always friendly and has a chat if she sees us.

    I dropped in there on my own half WHW in 2 days which was inspired – a little- by yours. On that day the beer was particularly appreciated accompanying a great fish supper. Mind you the remaining miles to Crianlarich in the rain still seemed to take a long time.

  2. Hmmm, resurrection plans for the 4-day West Highland Whoosh postponed from November don’t seem to have got very far…. and it’s gone mighty quiet! :)

  3. It’s funny reading your blog post again Chris. Every time I read stuff abour the WHW I get flashbacks.
    Great stuff.

    matt, that did indeed fall off the radar… I’m doing Kingshouse to BoE next month for a kit test, all welcome!

  4. Yes, yes, the wrong vowel.
    Bridge of Orchy is a pain to type with all those capital letters in it.
    But yes, I’m pulling a trailer down that section next month. Should be fun!

  5. Just make sure no horses/mules/donkeys etc see you pulling yer cart along behind you – they’ll piss themselves laughing – giddy up dobbin!!!

    Mind you, if there was half a dozen of you, you could re-enact Ben Hur.

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