Thank Jimmy for that

It’s something of a relief to be writing this, and I’m not talking about the fact that Black Sabbath have reformed, are touring and recording an album with producer Rick Rubin. No, I’m typing this on a new laptop.
For a long time the old Bontempi laptop’s screen has been dead, shine a headtorch on it and you can still see what’s going , but it turned out it was more than it was worth to repair it so we decided to get a new one when the cash was spare as we could still use the thing with a little application to the temporary arrangement of an old pc screen from the loft hooked up to it.
You wouldn’t believe how long we’ve been doing this, it’s made everything from doing work to editing photies, iTunes or blogging a total bloody arse hassle. It’s a wonder I’ve got anything up at all the past few, er, months.
I’m sitting here expecting to have to drag stuff across from a dark screen to another one with piss poor colour balance so I can see it and every time it just pops in front of me I feel like weeping with relief.
I suppose it’s like sitting constantly punching yourself in the face, after a while it becomes the norm and you only notice the stupidity and/or horror once you stop and things improve. Hopefully I’ll get on with stuff now. What kind is it? It’s a black one with some blue stickers in the corner with logos I recognise from the telly adverts I fast forward through. It works, that’ll do me.

Anyway, I’m away to Braemar now.

4 thoughts on “Thank Jimmy for that”

  1. Can’t wait for Sabbath. One band i really didn’t ever expect to see back together tbh. Also considering going to download next year to see Metallica as well.

  2. A new album with a decent producer usually means they have some decent tunes written or someone is throwing a lot of money at them, I hope it’s the former.

  3. Back from a fun time at Braemar, more later.

    I have high hopes for Sabbath, mainly because Geeezer especially wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t being done right.

    Time will tell. I will be at Donington for that. Metallica doing the black album? As long as I can skip through a couple of tracks that’ll be magic :o)

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