Teva Itunda

Jeez is it summer already? The Teva Itunda look interesting, I’ve worn sandals on easier trail plenty times over the years, but the exposed toe thing does worry me. These are more sandal-like than a lot of footwear in this area, and I think for summer wandering they could be a winner.
They feel helluva light, there’s good adjustment to get a neat fit and the heel strap is soft but wide enough on my foot to keep my heel in the shoe. 

Just looking at these has me thinking of wide brimmed hats, drinking sun-warmed water from a bottle and squinting through the heat haze at the pale dry grass on a distant slope where I’ll be camping.

It’s not as far away as we think you know.

13 thoughts on “Teva Itunda”

  1. But what about the grip? The sole seems great for the beach and small pebbles, but can I use them for the hills when the sun is shining and the soil is slippery?

  2. My thoughts exactly, the sole could go either way on the hill.
    I’ll be digging out my old sandals to compare the sole pattern, I never ever slipped, just worried about my toes.
    The upper arrangement of the Teva’s is good, so I am hoping they’ll be properly usuable on summer trails.

  3. I’m waiting for availability of the Inov-8 Recolite 190 shoes for something that will hopefully do the same job you envisage for these. The Inov-8s are a bit less sandal-lke, but I’d hope that the upper would be supportive and the tread grippy…

  4. The new Inov8 catalogue is going to the printers this week, so they’re about ready to update for the new season.
    Lots to look forward to :o)

  5. just received a pair of these to try out, never used shoe / sandals before so should be interesting.
    Just need some decent weather now.

  6. ive been looking at sandals recently, these look like they could get hot under all that material and theres no adjustment on the heel strap.
    sadly it looks as though teva have stopped doing the trail wraptor and all variations of it, which i think would have been my preferred purchase.

  7. I think although there is a good bit of adjustment in there, this will either fit your foot shape or not, like you say the heel strap with either keep your heel in place or shred it!
    The upper fabric is pretty full of holes, so I think it’ll be okay of the trail, but having worn them a few times, I’m more worried about the sole.

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