Tesco Must Die

Potato Cakes? Potato Cakes!? Tattie Scones ya bastards. Sunday breakfast was almost in tatters.

Potato Cakes.


8 thoughts on “Tesco Must Die”

  1. I can think of worse crimes. In Wales, Tesco is adamant that it should close down all independant shops and re-route all the roads to lead to its car park. Good for the economy? If they say so.

  2. I was worried when Morrisons took over Safeway, but these days if feels just as local as Safeway did.

    Supermarket culture is a big debating point though, its human nature to want easy, but supermarkets were the start of the slide towards no shops no jobs and a few companies selling everything cheap online.

    Jimmy talks of going to work at dawn in late 50’s Glasgow walking past all the bakeries and butchers getting ready for the day and while I just used to roll my eyes at The Good Old Days, maybe in some ways we were better off.

  3. Well said that man! Tattie scones are a weekend staple in my household too (usually I’m the one frying ’em up alongside the ham and eggs) and calling them ‘Potato Cakes’ is simply not on :-)

  4. Somehow Australia has managed to keep plenty of bakeries and butchers. Was a bit of a surprise to me when I visited earlier this year that in town I was never more than a couple of minutes walk from a bakery. Their supermarkets do seem smaller which must help.

  5. Sounds like they’ve still got it right. I wonder if it’ll last? Maybe they’ll see how we’ve screwed it all up and use it as evidence for the defence.

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