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A lot of the stuff I use is “multisport”. It just means that you can run, cycle, walk, climb or whatever using it with different degrees of success. Adventure racing is where the development comes from, but the real benefits are to ordinary Joes like myself because I can get a hold of gear that’s faff free, light, stable, has real-world usable features and it’s made of the best materials.
Some of the big brands are coming out with adventure kit trying to cash in, which they will through brand loyalty. A Berghaus adventure racing pack? Away and gie me peace. The best stuff is usually to be had from those at home and abroad who aren’t jumping on the band wagon and having been at it for a while.

But. Inov8 launched a successful range of packs from a standing start showing that fresh thinking (and brand loyalty again…) gets you a foot in the door with a new product.
Now we have well respected UK tent (yes, yes, and other stuff) manufacturer Terra Nova coming out of the blue with three ultralight multisport packs.
You’d think it might be a half arsed attempt at grabbing a market share, but after I saw them at the KORS show they certainly stuck in my mind. You don’t expect a shoddy bit of kit from Terra Nova, I’ve used their tents for many years and trust their Lasercompetition well past it’s supposed operational window without hesitation.

So actually having my hands on one, what is it saying? “I’m really light” for starters, and at 328g it’s not lying. The fabric is like a tent flysheet, thin, see through, super tough and looks to be very water resistant if not proof.  The harness is very low profile, well shaped and comfortable, the chest strap has a whistle and a nice hypalon attachment. The hip fins have pockets and there’s plenty of other storage, two bottle pockets, two mesh pockets, bungees and a zipped access external pocket.
Internal access is through a vertical water resistant zip and inside there’s a sleeve for a hydration bladder, there’s also exits and elastics for the hose.
The ingredients are all standard, but it’s the execution that makes or breaks a pack. And, I like this one. The basics are right, the shape, the carry, the harness and the minmal but effective back system ( just some well placed mesh, no padding or stiffening). I also like some of the detailing. Any niggles I have are down to it’s pre-production nature, when I get a production version out on the hill next Spring that’ll be the biggest test.

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  1. My immediate thought would be not to trust a pack that relies on a full length zipper like that, especially when there don’t look to be any straps or such to take the strain. Do you reckon it’s going to do the business or fail catastrophically at some point, lightening you load even further by scattering it across the hillside…. ? ;O)

  2. It’s a race pack for sure. It’s not built for regular overfilling, I think.
    I did stuff it full of shoes and when I tried to zip it and couldn’t, the zip pull tag seemed more likely to pull off than the zip was to pop some teeth.
    The body and the construction doesn’t feel fragile at all, but that thin bungee on it doesn’t cut it from a practical point of view. But we’ll see what the production version looks like.
    I’m not pushing my luck with this one as I’ve only got a wee loan of it from Terra Nova, I’ll try and break one properly next year.

  3. I like the colour ;o) …do you think I could get Terra Nova to make me a fly for laser comp in that colour?

    I’m with Matt on this, I dont like the look of that zip either. I reckon I’d break that. I’ve already got a hole in one of my hip fin pockets on my OMM adventure light (popped at the doubble bar stitching where the belt joins on.

  4. Imagine a Lasercomp in that colour? It’d be like permanent daylight in there.
    That’s a bugger the AL’s burst. Was it wear and tear or damage?

  5. I’m not sure whether I’ve had to much stuff stuffed in the pocket or I’ve caught it on something. The last time I was out (the one with the adventure I’ll tell you about later)there was a fair bit of fighting through heavy under growth and thick forest.

    Its not a big hole so I wonder if I could patch it, maybe OMM would send me out a wee bit of scrap material? do you think its worth asking them. Its still my fave pack so far.

  6. I’d drop them an email, any reports of damage and failures will get saved for future reference.
    I’ve got an extensive supply of bits and pieces for repair if you get stuck!

  7. I was talking to Golite about some stuff recently, I’ve got the next few seasons workbooks here. I’ll dig them out and have a look at that pack.
    I’m expecting some Golite kit shortly, but the review of that will going elsewhere… :o)

    Might see some Golite on here at some point though, their keen to raise the profile and some of the kit looks really good. Not so keen on the clothing though.

  8. Camelbak bottle lid on an Ultra bottle ptc*? Have you got the straw in there as well? That could be a neat bottle arrangement for my AL.

  9. Aye it’s in there with the straw, it works great and doesn’t leak. It does make it top heavy it it’s standing in the tent, but as long as the bite valve is in the closed position it’s all good.

  10. Unlikely, there’s not many samples of the packs going, I was lucky to get this one. And it’s going back shortly. Harrumph!

    The OMM bumbag is pretty good, the Terra Nova one looks quite similar. I’ve been using it when I’m out with the Paramo stuff as I’m carrying F/A extra clothing.
    Haglofs & Golite do smaller capacity ones that I like.
    A summit pack is what I’ve been seeking out for a while. Bumbag is good, the Exped pack-thing (I’ll need to write it up…) I’ve got on test is good as it serves as a sack liner the rest of the time.

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