Tea, toast and away

The weather will be deadly dangerous this weekend, or there may only be a slight breeze according to some. It’s looking all blue skies and clouds from the Simpsons opening credits out there at the moment.
What the hell, I’m trying to fix at a church heating system in half an hour, so it can do what it wants.

4 thoughts on “Tea, toast and away”

  1. Aye, it would have been nice. It was getting progressively wilder as we came South from Crianlarich an hour or so ago though.

  2. Funny day Saturday – nicer than expected in the west until mid-afternoon and then ‘whumff’ (a meteorological term). The bad weather came in very quickly and a couple of hours earlier than forecast.

    And then there was the torrential rain that no one mentioned.

    Not mountain weather forecasting’s finest day.

  3. Aye, I saw a bunch of drookit folk cominf off of Ben Challum on the way home.
    Knowing the long moorland crossing up there that might have been no fun at all.

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