I’m wandering around in this bloody heat wearing steel toe-capped boots, canvas troosers with kneepads in them and pockets full of tools, a black t-shirt and a beard. There’s a red light flashing in the control room along with a howling siren and the message coming through is “System overload, prepare to abandon body”. That’s very easy to say, but managing a cooling out-of-body experience is difficult at best, and in front of customers very difficult to explain indeed.
With every arc that the stilsons cut through the boiling air the end seems a little closer…

Still, orange flavoured Fabs? They could well be the saviour of my summer. I’ll deal with the acid erosion on my teeth later. Even recording the telly and fast forwarding through the adverts, I can still tell what the bastards are trying to sell me. Pronamel toothpaste indeed, I’d like to bake it into a flan and feed it to them. And Iggy Pop, why must he shout loudly and look unappealing every time I want to watch Stargate or Futurama? I’d rather watch an hour long compilation of compare the meerkats than his insurance selling, sci-fi on Sky sponsoring semi-nakedness.

The biggest dilemma is for the next two days though. One route choice is 6km shorter with 1000ft more ascent than the other. What’s better to cope with in the heat? Distance probably, and the longer route isn’t in the guide books, so although it’s not as spectacular it’s something different to write up as route for the mag.
I’m going to sleep in the PHD Minim Ultra and take the Three Wire Bivi I think. If there’s a wee breeze to keep the midges away it’ll be bliss on the top at night. Trousers though, I don’t know yet. I don’t think I’ll take the same route as Wodewick has on her ascent of the er, Cobbler. I think the tick paranoia would reach fever pitch.

It’s also a last hurrah of sorts. I’ve got a maintenance contract starting at the weekend that’ll drop me off the radar for a bit. So I’m hoping to finish off the first half of 2009 with a wee flourish.

15 thoughts on “Tdaetdoo”

  1. Enjoy mate !
    I was putting the minimus away in the box next to the three wire and thinking about bunking off for a few days but I just dont think its going to happen !

  2. I get yer new posts through RSS and you should put a health warning on them next time… As I logged on, the beauty of er… the landscape hit me where it hurts… Gives a whole new meaning to ‘going ultralight’…

  3. Acht really… there’s just nae need!

    PS ditch the Fabs, lemon & lime Callipo’s are where it’s at!

  4. bobinson, you’ll have to get out in that new bag, I want photies. The world needs those photies in fact.

    andy and ange, now where we would we be on here without just a little distraction from the normal now and again.

    Orange Fruitie is #2 to a Fab :o)

  5. As a follow up to my allusion to sexism in outdoor clothing on the Montane Featherlite thread, how about doing something about the gender imbalance in your photos of ultra-light people on the hills? ;-)

  6. I’ve just been sorting my gear for the weekend, might be the last time I get out for a while too.

    Where do u keep getting these pics from? Thy certainly brighten the place up ;o)

  7. Kate, maybe I’ll just model those X-Bionics myself then…

    Chris I’ll be out of hill action for just a wee while, so if I get on here over the next two or three weeks I think it will indeed be mostly pipework and steam boiler reviews, possibly a first look at a new graphite jointing compound. That’ll be fun…

    Kev, aye. I’ll do the less obvious route. I’ll do the other one another time anyway as it’s the approach to another couple of hills I haven’t climbed. Now to print the map!

    Wodewick, bless ‘er. I’m glad you guys appreciate my googling. I’m also glad Ange was handy to dish out that timely reprimand.

    Map, bed, driving, mountains.


  8. That view looks uncannily like Sgurr Alisdair looking from the Sgurr Dubh an Da Bheinn side.

    But imagine scrambling over gabbro in the buff…

  9. I wouldn’t mind tackling that gully myself. Keep em coming and if you want to stick lady friendly snaps on, don’t let the wife find you googling em.

  10. Have fun in them there hills boy. Looking forward to the report when you get back

    And as Kate said time to redress the gender balance on some of your more scenic shots ;-)Coops I’m sure jyc* would help ptc* ensure that the correct image was chosen ;-)

  11. Poor Wodewick, if only she knew what folk were saying about her.

    The only male arse seen on here will be mine, and it would need plastic surgery first.

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