Take out the papers and the trash

I told stories. The room was full of faces waiting for something worth their time, I had no notes and no real plan, but I did have a head full of words.

I always have a head full of words. Big ones, small ones, funny ones, sad ones, totally made up ones and this was the first time in a long time I’d loaded them up and fired them.

90 minutes without a pause or a prompt and with only the slightest of trip-ups (I’m pretty sure I got away with it, but for next time I must remember that the sun rises in the “East” not “Eh… er… that way”) in front of the harshest of critics and the most unforgiving of audiences. Holly’s primary 6 class.

I had my jacket in my hand, but we had one more tale instead of the prep they were supposed to be doing for the exam next day, so it was late when I left. Joyfully late.

Keeping words to yourself would on the face it appear to be a good idea. I don’t know though.

I’ve missed my words.



8 thoughts on “Take out the papers and the trash”

  1. Flippin’ heck – it is like waiting for a number 20 bus. Nothing for a year and then four articles come at once. Did you ever get to road test the ‘new’ laser comp 2017?

    1. It was out of the loop most of last year, just catching up now. There will be some gear coming up at some point, need my fitness back first.

  2. I had some time out too. I also went to school. University at 40 can be a pain in the arse but it’s done now, Thank F! Did my first hill in over a year last week but I did squeeze in a marathon in the between time.

    Sadly sold my red comp but did get a Scarp.

  3. Takes some balls to go back to school later in life, good effort. I hope it’s done for you what you hoped for.

    Not a bad thing to have some space, I with no other reason to go to the hills other than I just to be there, I feel like I did when I started this pace 10 odd years ago.

    Red Comps are becoming an endangered species.

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