Baah Baah Baah (dadadadada) Baah Baah Baah Baah Baah (dadadadada) Baah Baah Baah Baaaah!

For my generation some things loomed large in our childhood.  My grandparents stories of Mitchell bombers landing with no undercarriage, Mosquito’s still coming home safely when being shot full of holes, of running through the night to wind out the barrage balloons as the Luftwaffe headed to Clydebank once again, they’re etched into my mind forever. It was a tangible reality to me, the stories when told to me were closer to the events in time than I am now to when I heard them. I’ve been to the jungles of Burma and I’ve driven through the darkness of the Highlands with vital components for the RAF in a truck with no lights. They’re my memories, and nobody can tell me different.
Commando comics, running round the woods with an imaginary Sten gun, movies full of heroisim and sentiment that now seems out of place in our selfish society were what many of us grew up on.
But times change, everything becomes just a hobby, and some clever bugger somewhere will feed that with product so that the interested can become the collector, and them possibly the obsessed.
This does mean that you can get a hold of some cool stuff though, and as this winter I’ll be testing some alternative clothing, Pile & Pertex, Ventile, Finisterre, I thought we could maybe get some really retro stuff in to see how it stacks up.
Broadsword calling Danny Boy…