Wheelie goes to the Cairngorms. Part 4


Well, it was quite a night, snowed quite a bit. Eh, but I got woken up by the sunlight hitting the tent, still bloody cold though.
And, I decided to leave Wheelie at base, and we’re about… ooh, watch here… get to the summit of Ben Macdui. And a little spot of lunch I dare say.
S’bloody nice. Very clear. You can see how cold it was in the night, all the grass is frozen.
There we go…
No’ bad eh?

Wheelie goes to the Cairngorms. Part 2

Just crossed a burn, a very full burn, and fast flowing. Wasn’t easy.
Eh, I’m well up now, I’m opposite Derry Cairngorm. The track’s a lot rougher now, I tried putting Wheelie’s wheels… ? Wheelies wheels in the kinda close-together format, but it’s like wrestling an octopus*, so I put them back, and I’m taking the hits as it rides up the sides of the thin track.
Ah, kinda getting there. Might be dark by the time we get to camp…
Bloody hell, there’s a surprise…

*You can change Wheelies’ wheel-base from wide to narrow, easy to do but has big handling effects on rough ground.