It’s been an odd week this. So much going on, so much unexpected shit’s been happening.
It all started last Friday in fact, when I ran into a rarely-seen pal in town, and hasn’t really returned to normal since. It’s not quite like I’ve been walking through an episode of Life on Mars, but at times it’s not been a kick on the arse away from it.
A highpoint was turning up unexpectedly but actually in the nick of time at a customer’s place. He’s looking at me like he’s seen a ghost and I just know he’s thinking “I didn’t phone him yet…did I?”.
Emails, phone calls, all carrying news of the unexpected kind. Don’t get me wrong, there’s been nothing particularly sinister here, no dark figures disappearing from view just as I turn around, and the date on the milk I have in my Corn Flakes (Capital letters there because they’re Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. Funny how they’ve kept the possessive apostrophe and Cadbury ditched it.) is always fine, so no indigestion related hallucinations.
I’ll be glad to return to narrowly avoiding disaster at every turn on a daily basis just for peace of mind. That should be Wednesday next week. Monday and Tuesday I’ll be in Lancaster at the InnovEx conference where I’ll be hearing about how to make trail shoes out of leather, how the outdoor industry is coping with recycling, the resurgence of cotton and much more.
I’ll be taking plenty notes, so hopefully I’ll have some good stuff about what’s coming in the future.