Fantastic Cat

That Miller Beer advert with the bloke who freewheels downhill to the offy for his six pack and freewheels downhill home again was just on.  It’s Takako Minekawa that sings the song, it’s “Fantastic Cat” from her “Roomic Cube” album. I absolutely love it, it’s kind of like an album from a Japanese Björk. Fruitlooptastic.

Aye, and it’s really hard to get unless they’ve reissued it.


Black Sabbath, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. This has loomed large in my life, visually and aurally.

Odd how at times of stress, or extreme change we can draw comfort from the familiar, however esoteric, or transient ity may seem to be.

It’s also nice to know that descisions and choices, likes and dislikes made when I was young are defensible. Age adds experience, but doesn’t take away your youthful enthusiasm. You have to give that away all on your own.

Buying a new album at the shops.

Amazon are rubbish. Pre-order for quickest delivery. My arse.

I wanted the new Ministry album with the fancy cover where Dubya Bush morphs amusingly into a lizard. So two weeks afetr the release date Amazon are still regretting that the item is unavailable/ delayed/ held at the suppliers and other pish like that.

So I walked into Virgin on Buchanan Street took it out of the rack, paid for it and went home an listened to it while composing an email to Amazon ,voicing my displeasure through the medium of flowery banter and order cancellation.

The joy of buying the CD and taking it home and putting it on was something I’d missed without realising I was missing it. Looking at the foldout packaging is a wee bonus that itunes will never be able to replicate until we have the iPod Nano Hologram edition (in six colours).

It’s a good album too. Lots of shouting and fastness.