I’ve opened the last wee envelope on the laptop and there’s stacks of stuff I haven’t seen for ages on here.
Disturbingly I’m very young in a lot of it. It’s all scans too, so more ropey than normal, but it’s nice to see once again where I’ve been and why growing old isn’t better or worse, it’s just different.

That was a cracking day Joycee and I had above with an inversion on Loch Tay behind, rolling up Glen Lochay below us. We were climbing Meall Ghaordaidh, and it looks like I’m wearing a cape for some reason.

Mind you, I’m more oddly dressed on Schiehallion below. Help ma’ Boab.

That one is really going back, maybe as far as the one below.
No it’s not a big bouffant hairdo I’ve got (I’m on the move), it’s an authentically 70’s centre parting affair. If you look at my right arm you’ll see the strand of hair sticking to the sweat and ending in a wee clump on my forearm. At this stage in my life where all the hair is on my face or somewhat alarmingly, my shoulders, it’s important to get such details correct.


Life on the laptop continues, and tonight I found some thumbnails of our wedding photies.
One wonderful comment we got was “That’s a nice painting you’re in front of”. Idiot.
We were married at the Kings House at Glen Coe. Well, outside of it in the sunshine actually, and as it was the first of March it was bloody freezing. The assembled family and guests were on the verge of hypothermia by the time we went inside for dinner (where there were plates of donuts along the tables, yes, we did all the arrangements ourselves), which was all stuff folk actually liked and the wedding cake was chocolate with white icing.
There was other family baiting tomfoolery throughout proceedings from the ceremony music (Duane Eddy’s Rebel Rouser played by me and Jimmy, and the theme from The Dambusters too) to the flowers which were thistles, purple feathers, orchids and pussy willow. It was entirely stress free, before and during.
Happy days indeed.