On the Road Again (The Canned Heat version, not the Willie Nelson one)

I watched the sun rise over the Southern Uplands as I headed South, and an awful lot of being indoors later I watched the sun set from Kirkstone Pass.
I enjoyed the best of the Lakes as I drove through all the nice places between appointements, but I’m not complaining, it was a good day with nice folks and sunshine.

I spent the morning in Montane’s secret bunker having a look at this coming and next season’s gear.  I’ve got some photies an’ that, including a sneaky exclusive, and there’s some test kit here and on its way.
This was after breakfast in Ambleside, the day was punctuated by food and cuppas with frightening regularity, there was no hardship involved here.
Next up was the official launch of the new Haglöfs UK headquarters in Staveley. This was still a geararama, but it was all about the people and their plans, and some meeting and greeting too.
One interesting moment was a brief discussion about “lightweight” in a couple of familiar magazines between myself and Cameron McNeish…
I squeezed in some shops and then it was off to Castle OMM to re-aquaint two old villains and see what’s in store for winter.

I shall write more of all this stuff imminently, but I got in at 0200 this morn ing and have a rucksack to pack.
And a cuppa to drink.