Too rubbiss

Butch and Sundance below have got their trail shoes on and are even into short sleeves.
I dunno if that’s entirely wise, it’s pissing down out there, so I think Spring got stuck in the door of the bus trying get all its shopping bags down the steps and got dragged away to the next stop. Possibly Mars, where having Spring unexpectedly turn up should be quite interesting as they have nothing much to speak of in the way of an atmosphere or water, or inhabitants other than Ice Warriors from out of 60’s Doctor Who.
Maybe Spring will just wait across the road for the next bus back this way, or even jump a taxi. Come to think of it, shouldn’t something as important as a season get some sort of limo service or something instead of having to slum it in public transport? Seems a bit of a liberty considering all the work it does with so little in return “Oh look, daffodils. What’s on the telly?”.