Doctor Who and the Planet of Merchandise

There’s going to be a lot of upset with those new daleks, the main one being that there will be six new action figures to collect (including the genius olive drab one with the webbing), and an accusation that the whole thing is an exercise in merchandisng along the lines of the Star Wars prequels (which no-one should watch, ever).
But listening to episode writer Mark Gatiss wax lyrical about wanting to make the new versions be like the movie daleks, I’m right there with him. The telly ones always looked like they’d been pulled out of an old damp lock-up and hastily painted-up for filming (because they had been), the movie ones were colourful, big and badass (apart from a fault that makes the skirt-globes misaligned at the back, but that’s a geek-only thing probably…), and had guns that actually shot something rather than relying on a sound effect and grimacing extras being exterminated.
The new daleks are a bit like Chris Achilleos’ and the TV21 daleks as well, so the retro feel is there on several levels for folk of a certain age.
I like the fact that the daleks are proper daleks now as well, they really had been made very weak in the new Doctor Who, they should be confident fascists, not a disorganised rabble of half-hearted right-wingers looking for someone else to blame for their misfortune.

But, the episodes are still way too short, running around and shouting to try and cram all the story into 45 minutes. We need BBC3 to show an extended version late at night for folk with an attention span longer than 7 seconds.

By the way, if you don’t hear from me again, the BBC will have had me killed for using their images, despite both you and I having paid for them.

Doctor Who and The Daleks

Holly loves Doctor Who. How this came about we’re not too sure, but add to that, that she asks to hear Hampstien (Rammstein, her current favourite is Sonne from Mutter) when she’s in Dad’s car and Joycee is increasingly shaking her head at the pair of us comparing notes on our shared hobbies.
There is an another element to this, I don’t have to buy anything, my folks still have a loft full of my old Daleks, Cybermen and more that I can bring out one at a time and maintain the ideal position as the girl’s hero.
Best thing I’ve ever seen in my life? Holly putting out a bowl of cereal for K9. That’s my girl.