Haglöfs LIM35 competition, we have a winner…

What do you want Haglöfs to make for you?

That was the question, and the answers were many and varied. The folks at Haglöfs have been knocking this about for a while and finally came up with a shortlist which Gus showed me at the new Scottish showroom during the week.
There was a lot of folk looking for tweaked versions of softshells, and some of these features are in production or on the way (I’ll have a 2011/12 preview coming up in a few days). A ProShell smock came up, something that’s being thought about, and Pertex/Pile variations was a common wants-list item too. This is something that they know that could do, but it’s also a very British thing, but you never know? Lightweight tents as tough as the old Genius you said: “We know” they said, “We’re on it…”. Leg lengths to waist size ratios and availability is another thing being addressed, big footwear is another current topic, chest pouches too.
There were a few specifics that made the shortlist, SlippertSlope’s pack with attachments really caught their eye, as did DavidG’s Limatrix. TrimmDich’s Intense short uopgrade were seen as very possible, and pdg’s hut boots were an either/or for first place until they came down on the winner while I refused to even look at the list.
One other item came up again and again and it’s now a real talking point, Gore-Tex socks. Modern stretch Pro-Shell fabric, welded seams, hell colours even, it’s doable, and so are matching gaiters.
But there can be only one winner, and considering there’s two old rockers in that photie above, it’s kind of appropriate.

scotpat said:
I’d like to see a baselayer with my favourite band emblazoned on it so I could have a jump about at gigs and still leave as dry and stink free as I went in.

Gus said “It captured the spirit of the competition”. He said that a little left-field thinking showed the scope and application of technical fabrics and kit, why save it for a hill day when you can take advantage of the performance all day every day and get your money’s worth.
Me? I think performance is for everyone all the time, and I think a Black Sabbath shirt in Dryskin is just what I need.
Scotpat gets a rucksack, I hope it serves him well.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to apply your thoughts to this, having just read them all for the first time (I kept out of it, I’m too biased, you’re all my buddies after all) it’s enlightening to say the least.
And if you didn’t win? I’m giving away 20-odd pairs of socks next week.

X Bionic Wallaby Giveaway

Following on from my wee look at the Wallaby wristband, I now have ten to give away.

So, if you’re tired of licking your armpits while you’re in the hills in an attempt to cool down, and would like to try a more technical, comfortable nay, stylish way of keeping your temperature at a pleasant equilibrium, as well as being the first to wear one, then I need a little something in return.

X Bionic are always a talking point, and here’s a chance to take those points right to the people in charge.
ASI, the UK Distributors will take the first ten (different!) questions for X Bionic posted below to Switzerland for their up-coming meeting and bring us back the answers.

Okay, we have one doubler and a couple of extra questions. But, no one goes home empty handed. The first ten unrepeated questions get a Wallably, and the others will get whatever test kit niknaks are lying around.
Please send me your address through the contact form.
That last point also applies to any Lyon’s Coffee bags winners who haven’t been in comms…

Lyon’s Coffee Bag Giveaway

After the recent camp cuppa post I was talking to Lyon’s and it turns out that it’s not all best china crockery, after dinner mint accompaniment and cravat wearing in their vision for their products. In fact , it turns their outdoor credentials are beyond reproach.

Pictured left with a box of coffee bags on Baffin Island is Ed Bacon, their Operations Director and part-time arctic guide.

Ed’s as convinced as me that the coffee bags are outdoor cuppa wondertronic and Lyon’s sent me some to give away to spread a bit of Original Blend joy.

I’m afraid that the coffee bags are now all gone, thanks for the comments and the emails folks.
Happy cuppas upon us all!

Competition Time with Expedition Foods!

What was the dry weight of my current favourite Chicken Tikka 800Kcal main meal?
It was 130g

Thanks for all the entries, and thanks for all of the kind messages attached, bless all of you good peaple out there.
Our winner (picked by Holly with a little coercion, involving witholding Peppa Pig) is Jeremy Taylor who will be sticking a spoon into an orange bag very soon.