Not entirely ready to retire.

Where does a 40 plus year old bloke shop for clothes? I’m nowhere near ready to abandon the clothes I like and move into M&S or outdoor gear full-time. My recent experience of trying to wedge my shoulders in to a size large shirt which I’m sure would only have fitted a 23 year old Brian May has given me food for thought.
It’s become increasingly unsettling going into some shops (there’ll be a graph plotting the curve of age increase against discomfort in front of shop assistants somewhere), 16 year old neds and wee lassies that look like X Factor contestants versus the old guy is dirty working clothes?  
Some are fine though, H&M is like a jumble sale just before it opens, myriad colours and designs, but still tidy. Although some of the particularly “fashionable” stuff is hysterical and will date before it reaches the outside door and the staff often appear to be on a slightly different psychological plane to the rest of Buchanan Galleries.
My new best friend is American Apparel though. For blokes it’s mainly just t-shirts an’ that in there, but the cut is good, the fabric is good and the colours available are all the colours. Price is fine, and there’s pants to match your mood too.
No doubt the next few years will be a transitional time, with a departure from clothes shops, a movement through the department stores and eventually into mail ordered 38″ waist cords.