Running Bear Loves Little White Dove

Three equally wonderful things have I before me.

The 1 litre Sigg bottle with the nice textured masonry paint from Holly brings me much joy. The standard (or is that “classic” in today’s world?) Sigg narrow-necked bottles are so impractical when you’ve used wide-mouth types, but they are somehow reassuring, dependable and any shortcomings are forgiven unconditionally. The screw tops are still the easiest types to open when frozen I think.
The Sigg KIng of Skulls retro thing is tiny, heavy and brilliant. The stainless steel used for this and the other oval types do have a bit of a metallic taste to them I think, but what the hell, after drinking what tastes like liquefied paddling pool from a Camelbak bladder everything after tastes like dew drops from the petals of flowers in the garden of Mount Olympus. Or Babylon, they had nice gardens apparently. Big hanging baskets they say. Must have been a bugger to water.
The vintage reissue Irn Bru can as seen in my childhood? Words cannot express my emotion at grasping it in my mitts. Drinking it will be like the first breath of fresh air after being stuck in Skylab for six months documenting mice struggling in zero gravity while watching out the porthole for that big satellite stealer spaceship from Moonraker. Hey, you never know.