Table X

Greggs are giving out scratchcards with their increasingly and unnecessarily fancy rolls and buns. I said to the assistant “What’s this? Ah, win a holiday…”
“No…” he said “If you’re luckly you’ll win a meal deal”.
Refreshing honesty, I’ll shop there again.

Skin is very clever. I was using a huge gas torch near my face, just because there was no other way of doing the join, and when I came down off the ladder coughing and gasping my glasses were red hot to the touch but my face was just fine.
Well done evolution, on that evidence they should have  plated the space shuttle in skin rather than those troublesome tiles.

I optimistically okayed a Facebook Android App update for my phone while I was having lunch. It took forever with the piss poor signal I had and I flicked through the reviews of it while I sipped my too hot cuppa. The app has an almost equal number of 1* and 5* reviews from folks who will use it all day every day regardless and has been downloaded by everyone on the planet. Even to those without Android phones where it’s just inserted into a body orifice while you sleep so they can still track you and market at you anyway.
Modern life bites.

It was a day of pipes ( I just corrected a typo, unusual in itself I know, pipes came out as pies, subliminally no doubt), and as well as fitting them, I was sticking my Sony Xperia lens down them as well.
Modern life rocks. Sometimes.

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