Syphon Filter

I found a magic site which has the soundtrack to my Playstation days of 10 or more years ago free to download.
The music of the day is mostly straight-to-DVD action/horror movie fare, but it brings back memories of all sorts. Mostly what Ielse I was doing when I was playing the games as a single man in his (very late) 20’s.

Also, to celebrate the new look, I thought I’d have an action adventure theme tune for a bit. It’s now turned off from instantly annoying mode, so you have to click it. Syphon Filter

7 thoughts on “Syphon Filter”

  1. Blimey – that purple is as loud as the music : ) makes it hard to see the little quotes

    1. I’m going to sort the quote colour in a minute, and the music will go silent at midnight :o)

      That purple looks like it’s alive…

  2. its all gone tits in the air my end.

    my eyes canny take anymore- she breakin up captain!

  3. i thought you lost her for a second there..

    whens your next trip?
    me summit camp on b. ime was great, next day was a scorcher(thursday) so i whimped out after b.vane avoiding the murderous climb up b.vorlich and went for an ice cream elevenes in arrochar instead!

  4. oh yeah- me lx3 died 3weeks ago.i thought they were indestructable… it gone to the repairers (under warrenty with 3 wks left!)so i had to lug a bloody slr up there. camera was heavier than me tent and sleeping bag!

  5. Glad it went well. That climb up Vorlich from there is a bugger, oddly enough I’ll be there tomorrow!
    Weather looks decent for Wednesday, so I’ll have a good wee bimble after the bivy I hope.

    Jeez, my LX3 is long out of warranty, don’t give me worries, I’m stuck without now!

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