22 thoughts on “Surprise!”

  1. Moggy, Tikka, Vegetable and Chicken, for the consumption of.
    I’ve still got a few randoms flavours in the cupboard, but these two are the favourites :o)

    Here bobinson, you should give me that watch, it matches this place.

  2. I can offer no watch I’m afraid, but I can now confirm that there will be a nice competition on here next week featuring the colour orange and a menu of your own chosing…

  3. My stash is gettin low but there’s enough Tikka & Korma there for the w/e, supplemented by oatcakes no doubt. Or possibly chapattis. And a wee tub of mango chutney :o)

  4. You should try the biscuits my little ones have. They are bear shaped and the berry one is a very nice shade of purple :-)

  5. ill let you know what mine is like once its arrived and been worn! my mate has one and wears it surfing…seems to love it

  6. orange watch arrived – pic on twitter for ya fella! its pretty nifty for a tenner!

    matches my orange iphone cover perfectly…orange heaven

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