Sunshine on a rainy day


It was mid afternoon, I’d nipped out to do a wee job which went well, the girls had finished their kids party mayhem and we were suddenly all in the same place at the same time.
Quick, go somewhere!

Balmaha came up, Arrochar too, but Luss won by default as that’s the road we were on and it was there when we needed cuppas and toilets. It’s good to have these needs line up at the same time on days out, it’s when they space themselves apart things can get a little, atmospheric shall we say. Especially when like me you’ve just home left much later that planned.

Luss was dreich, but that’s not a bad thing.  The cafe in the visitor centre had a warm fire to sit by and home made cake to go with the cuppas.
The snow line hung below the cloud while mist softened the edges of the streaks of white, Loch Lomond was a sheet of rippled grey steel and the ducks and swans were never so pleased to have company as they were when we appeared on the beach.

Grey doesn’t have to be a dull colour.



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