11 thoughts on “Substitute”

  1. You do realise that some of your pictures are not showing, but instead there’s a photobucket message about bandwidth exceeded?

  2. Aye, Photobucket are fannies. I’m already paying for it, so I’m away to punch them in the face.

    Chris, it’s Lochan nan Cat, details later!

  3. Bandwidth Exceeded! Looks like you are the victim of your own success. Could it be something to do with your new TV career?

  4. I got out but was a fool and went up Ben Lomond on a Saturday in August. Nice and quiet on the ptarmigan going up but coming down the motorway, I don’t think i’ve ever been on a busier hill, even in the Lakes or Snowdonia. It left me a bit grumpy at the crowds

  5. Did that last year. Me and Phil appeared on the top from the north ridge and it was like filtering into rush hour traffic from a side street.

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