6 thoughts on “Stopgap Measures”

  1. What … ME … Jealous !!!!

    I might just cry before the day is out !!!!!

    Dead jealous, more like.


  2. I’ll be up there in May climbing Ben More Coigach and many of the mountains in your video.
    From Ullapool to Durness is my favourite area. I never went last year and missed my annual fix.
    You had cracking weather. Hope my trip is half as good.

  3. It’s a great place right enough. When I got my driving license back in 86/87 it must have been it’s the first place I went in my Lada estate!

    The Postman’s Path around Ben More looks like fun, it was my original plan but because I base-camped at the loch I did an out and back loop. You cold just endlessly play on these hills.

    I’ve got lots of photies, just need some laptop time.

  4. Oh you lucky bas. A place like that with weather like that, words don’t do it justice.

    Mind you, can’t complain myself – I’m off up to Lairg (work) first half of next week, then off second half of the week in Glencoe with the family for 3 days of fun. And the weather looks like its set to stay pretty benign for a wee while yet.

  5. Nice wee place Lairg and the road beyond it is a world of adventure!

    I hope it stays like this for a wee while yet too, got stuff to do in Glen Coe as well. So much snow on the hills though, I was up to my tits at one point on Ben More.

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