Stop. Go

The sun is trying to burst through the haze, it’s cool, fresh and it’s lunch time. Aye, it’s Spring.
The pressure’s on though, I wrapping up work for the week later today and heading down to the Lakes to have a look at some of next seasons gear, when I get back I’m packing the tent and heading out.
But, Holly’s got a wee cold and hasn’t made it out to the shops for something for Mother’s Day yet, so I might have to go for her.
I’m not buying flooers at the Gretna services on the way back though. That’s stacking up bad karma that is.

11 thoughts on “Stop. Go”

  1. i await with baited breath!

    PS ill post your chilli seeds in the morning, should be interesting to see how they do way up north!

  2. Talking of gear of the future, in a photie on this current front page there is a world exclusive of something and no-one’s spotted it…

    If anyone wonders what the hell we’re talking about chilli for, click on Moggy’s avatar or the Chilli Up North link to the right :o)

  3. It is indeed OMM.

    The Gregory pack winners were Caishnah, aembleton and amit. now all happily with their prizes. Hopefully they’ll send in some photies and tales of how they got on?!
    It’s high time we had another competition, I might try and pry some prizes out of somebody…

  4. I’m off out for my first wild camp of the year tomorrow night after work, followed by a big day in the hills on Friday. Looks like the weather window is opening up nicely. Wondered if theres much chance of axe/crampons being required on the southerly Munros but its looking like I’ll be in fell shoes. Can’t wait…

  5. Sounds good Del, this looks like a cracking weather window over the next few days. Not to be squandered :o)

    Aye bobinson, that shot made the shortlist, but the one of you “gesturing” was the clear winner.

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