Star Wars

There is a theory that the whole of the Star Wars saga hinges on the indecision of the Imperial buffons manning the guns who hesitate and then decide not to shoot the pod in which Artoo and Threepio escape to Tatooine.

Thinking about a lot of the good stuff that’s happened to me in the last year, I can trace back and name the moment where it all started as well. Walking into a shop in Glasgow a few years ago and locking opinion horns with a man wearing a frown.

Never stay stuck in your ways, always listen, always learn. Experience is an invaluable tool, but it can also solidify your standpoint. If it doesn’t help to expand your horizons and help you move forward then it’s a battleship anchor chained to your kayak of joy.

2 thoughts on “Star Wars”

  1. PTC;”Yes, I wear boots on the hills, and carry an Alpiniste pack full of useful items”
    CZ;”I’m all burst having been run into the ground by the RMR wearing boots and a bergen”
    PTC;”Not so good that, winter shredded my feet this year”
    CZ;”Aye, so I’m moving onto these techno plimsoles and titanium whatnots carried in an Amp 20, see we have them here on the shelves…”
    PTC;”What? You can’t be serious…”


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